The Bill Gates
Contributing to The Bill Gates
There are many ways to contribute money to The Bill Gates. Use as many or as few of them as you wish. Remember. No money will be returned for any reason now or at the completion of the project. All use of all funds donated to The Bill Gates will be used entirley at the discretion of the artist. No accounting for funds is planned. And donation to The Bill Gates are probably not tax deductible. At least not in the United States.
Donate Cash Using PayPal Click on the "Donate" button below to send a donation via PayPal. They will keep about 3% of the donation as a handling fee.

Donate Using The US Mail The Bill Gates Project will be accepting money at a Post Office Box.
Donate in Person Come to any of The Bill Gates events and bring cash. It's that simple. You can even build your own gate when you're there.
The Bill Gates Swag There will be merchandise related to The Bill Gates project for sale. This is one way to help finance the project. And, frankly, it wouldn't be art if we weren't whoring something out.
What about the Money? The Bill Gates is an artistic endeavor. The Bill Gates is not a corporation or a foundation or a non-profit organization. It is being funded entirely out of the artist's pocket and your contributions. Note that these contributions are probably not tax deductible. Anyone who is interested in contributing money to The Bill Gates should consult their own tax professional before attempting to deduct any contribution to anything, not just The Bill Gates. No contributions will be returned for any reason and the artist reserves the right to use contributions in any way.
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