The Bill Gates
About The Bill Gates
The Bill Gates is an immense undertaking, but it is essentially simple.
Purpose The Bill Gates project has no artistic purpose. Make of it what you will. The Bill Gates project does have several goals. It intends to explore the relationship between art and commerce and the relationship between the artist and the Government.
The Individual Bill Gates Each individual gate contains one bill of United States currency measuring 6.125 by 3.125 inches and each gate will be placed 6.125 inches from the next gate. The design of the poles, struts, and bases that elevate and support the bills is still being developed.
The Scope of The Bill Gates If the $21,000,001 installation is made entirely of one dollar bills, it will be 10.5 million feet long, which is almost 2,000 miles long. If the final $254,000,001 installation is achieved and rendered with one dollar bills, it will be 24,000 miles long, which is almost the circumference of the Earth.
Installation of the Bill Gates The Bill Gates will be installed at various venues as it is completed. People will be invited to come and participate in the installation by helping to assemble and arrange the individual gates. People are welcome to contribute their own bills during these installation festivals, but all contributed bills will become part of the piece and will not be returned. These installation festivals will be documented with video and still photography.
The Bill Gates Swag There will be merchandise related to The Bill Gates project for sale. This is one way to help finance the project. And, frankly, it wouldn't be art if we weren't whoring something out.
What about the Money? The Bill Gates is an artistic endeavor. The Bill Gates is not a corporation or a foundation or a non-profit organization. It is being funded entirely out of the artist's pocket and your contributions. Note that these contributions are probably not tax deductible. Anyone who is interested in contributing money to The Bill Gates should consult their own tax professional before attempting to deduct any contribution to anything, not just The Bill Gates. No contributions will be returned for any reason and the artist reserves the right to use contributions in any way.
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